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#Health Fayda

Welcome To Health Fayda

As this pandemic has once again proven and reminded mankind that “health is wealth”. and as we all know that medical inflation is rising twice as fast as the overall inflation rate in India, getting treated for a medical ailment is often an expensive affair. to combat the soaring healthcare costs and finance treatment more affordably, health fayda has come up with EMI plans and health plans.

Health Fayda

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#Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Being a health fayda member, you can meet medical costs easily in two ways.

Firstly, it offers no cost emi to pay your medical bills. Such financing helps you spread healthcare bills over a flexible 3-6-9-12 month emi tenure without having to pay the entire amount upfront. This emi on medical bill will allow you to conserve your savings from spending on unexpected medical emergency

Secondly, you can avail attractive discounts and deal at renowned clinics and hospitals of surat to reduce your expenses Attractive offers will also make treatments which are not covered under mediclaim policy more affordable and reachable to people. For example dental care,skin care, hair transplants, ivf treatments, cosmetic care, eye care, lasik surgery, stem cell therapy and many more.

#Health Plan

Health Fayda EMI Plan

Say good bye to sudden medical expenses

Now pay your medical bill in easy installment.

0% EMI for selected tenure

No cost EMI to complete your medical bill payment.

Protect your family's health

Plan can be used for family members also (Spouse & Kids).

EMI without Debit/Credit Card

Avail EMI facility with your Credit Card/Debit Card & NBFC.

#For Members

How it works?


Purchase health fayda membership from Website and Agents.


Select doctors or hospital from list given in website according to your need.


Visit the doctor or hospital and get the treatment done.


Pay your bill in easy EMI at 0% interest and stay healthy.